30-Minute Business Consultation (Discovery) Call

Don't know where to start in your journey to smart and strategic business money management? Are you looking for answers to a few specific business financial questions? Maybe you want to know all your options? Or, perhaps you just need a little tax help?

If this sounds familiar, then our 30-minute business consultation (discovery) call might be just right for you.

 During this 30-minute call, you will be able to: 

  • allow you to ask those pressing questions you have on your mind regarding business financial management, operations and taxes; and
  • gain clarity on how to proceed going forward;  and
  • determine if we will be a good fit to work together.

And this will allow us the opportunity to:

  • learn more about your business, current obstacles and/or challenges;
  • provide feedback to your questions and/or concerns regarding current state of your business finances;
  • determine if we will be a good fit to work together (if needed). 

We only book 4 of these calls per week on Wednesdays.

Please note that these Consultation (Discovery) Calls are not strategy (coaching) session.  You definitely want to come prepared with your questions about any business financial, operations, and/or tax subject so that our time together can be beneficial to you.

Schedule your consult call TODAY and get your questions answered.

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2-Hour Business Financial Strategy Sessions

From accounting to budgeting, money management in your business can feel overwhelming when your are juggling multiple task. And guess what, we get it. 

Which is why we are not only good at the "financial and tax stuff," we're also equipped to and have worked with numerous clients on the "business" side of their businesses also. 

Here are some of the common areas we can focus on during this 2-hour strategy session.

  • Budgeting
  • Taxes (including business entity structure and tax strategy)
  • Accounting systems
  • Pricing products and services
  • Increasing profitability
  • Cash flow management
  • Sales and financial projections
  • Adding revenue streams
  • Overall biz financial health 
  • Hiring team members (employees and contractors)
  • Streamlining processes
  • Inventory management
  • Expense management
  • Plus many more!

We only book 2 of these strategy sessions per week on Thursdays

Please note, given the time duration, we will only be able to strategize with you on only ONE MAJOR topic of concern. So when you complete the  questionnaire upon booking, be specific as to what you would like to focus on during our scheduled session. 

This session is recorded and you will receive the call recording along with any notes and materials. 

Schedule your strategy session TODAY!

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